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The lovely Jen of Swatch and Repeat reached out to me recently to feature my patterns on her blog. Of course I said yes! She has the best energy and is using her platform to feature and promote artists’ work as well as give fantastic tips and advice on surface pattern design.

Head on over to her blog to read the feature and be sure to to check out her other awesome content. Also hop over to her instagram feed for more eye candy.

Get fired up and CREATE something wonderful today:)




How fun is that?! I had way too much fun making this little gif! I am looking forward to creating a lot more fun little moving images now that I know how to without having to use flash! I don’t even think I can remember how to use that program so i’m glad that technology has come so far that I can input my images and have them animated for me!

Love Nature

My husband and I met through our art.

We both joined Illustration Friday around the same time, over a decade ago. We had both been busy with life and stopped making as much art (or in my case, any art at all). A comment on my upload led to me visiting his blog to see his artwork. The rest is a beautiful history. Fast forward to 2015, we have been married for over 6 years and we are finally exhibiting together. We are SO excited and if you’re local to us we’d love to have you there! North Gate is very generous with their space and the wine is incredible. Join us in their LEED certified tasting room for an afternoon of art and wine. I’ll be there with my terribly inappropriate and politically incorrect humor.
Not necessary but you can RSVP or check out more details on Facebook 


Send some pretty mail

Recently I worked on a fun piece with Paulene of Leen Machine Calligraphy. Her Calligraphy is insane! She is SO talented and after trying my hand at lettering, I know how difficult it is and what dedication it takes!

We’ve been insta-friends for a while and it was only natural that my watercolors and her calligraphy should meet!:) She’s offering this card as a free printable on her blog so hop on over and snag yourself a download and start sending out sweet and lovely thank you notes!:)

(Photo credit: Paulene Cruse)

Well I’ll be!

First things first (i’m the realist – i HAD to)

SHUT UP!! Winsor & Newton reposted my painting from last night! I’m not even TRYING to be cool about this. Nope. Fangirling HARD! Winsor and Newton is a brand that I’ve used since I was a wee thing learning to hold a brush back in the day. Their watercolors and brushes have made their mark along my art journey. I’m excited about their new markers and I can’t wait to try their watercolor crayons too!

OOH! Such a boost and a wonderful nudge from the universe that I’m doing what I’m meart to do 🙂 It took me a long time to realize that not everyone feels the same way about painting as I do. I must have been blessed with this gift for a reason and I’m working to find it. Thank you to Winsor & Newton for the repost!

Today was a day for sending pretty mail.

Handmade stationery is such a sweet touch, albeit time consuming, It makes me happy. I hope it makes the recipients happy as well:)

Till next post, my friends!

Live well and smile often!

Floral Symphony

My heart belongs to my florals. I dabble with painting pretty much anything, Pet portraits, fashion, quotes etc. I always return to my florals at some point. If I feel uninspired I pick up my brush and dab on a few flowers and it helps me feel the magic.

I’m still exploring and figuring out what I like or maybe even developing a personal style but loose florals make my heart sing!

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