How fun is that?! I had way too much fun making this little gif! I am looking forward to creating a lot more fun little moving images now that I know how to without having to use flash! I don’t even think I can remember how to use that program so i’m glad that technology has come so far that I can input my images and have them animated for me!

Love Nature

My husband and I met through our art.

We both joined Illustration Friday around the same time, over a decade ago. We had both been busy with life and stopped making as much art (or in my case, any art at all). A comment on my upload led to me visiting his blog to see his artwork. The rest is a beautiful history. Fast forward to 2015, we have been married for over 6 years and we are finally exhibiting together. We are SO excited and if you’re local to us we’d love to have you there! North Gate is very generous with their space and the wine is incredible. Join us in their LEED certified tasting room for an afternoon of art and wine. I’ll be there with my terribly inappropriate and politically incorrect humor.
Not necessary but you can RSVP or check out more details on Facebook