Well I’ll be!

First things first (i’m the realist – i HAD to)

SHUT UP!! Winsor & Newton reposted my painting from last night! I’m not even TRYING to be cool about this. Nope. Fangirling HARD! Winsor and Newton is a brand that I’ve used since I was a wee thing learning to hold a brush back in the day. Their watercolors and brushes have made their mark along my art journey. I’m excited about their new markers and I can’t wait to try their watercolor crayons too!

OOH! Such a boost and a wonderful nudge from the universe that I’m doing what I’m meart to do 🙂 It took me a long time to realize that not everyone feels the same way about painting as I do. I must have been blessed with this gift for a reason and I’m working to find it. Thank you to Winsor & Newton for the repost!

Today was a day for sending pretty mail.

Handmade stationery is such a sweet touch, albeit time consuming, It makes me happy. I hope it makes the recipients happy as well:)

Till next post, my friends!

Live well and smile often!

Floral Symphony

My heart belongs to my florals. I dabble with painting pretty much anything, Pet portraits, fashion, quotes etc. I always return to my florals at some point. If I feel uninspired I pick up my brush and dab on a few flowers and it helps me feel the magic.

I’m still exploring and figuring out what I like or maybe even developing a personal style but loose florals make my heart sing!

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